Will the Australian government’s “single touch payroll proposal” create more insolvencies?

19/03/2015 by Michael Jones

The Australian government announced measures to cut red tape for business and to provide a simplified payroll system that would mandate or a “single touch payroll system” The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is currently conducting a consultation process in order to examine the consequences of this measure and has called for submissions from stakeholders. Under “single touch payroll”, employers will be required to electronically report payroll and super information to the ATO (Australian Tax office) when employees are paid, using standard business reporting – enable software. This is different to the current situation where employee tax deducted from payroll is reported in the empl

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President’s Award

06/12/2012 by Michael Jones

  Business Recovery Specialists Jones Partners Receives Prestigious President’s Award From Civil Contractors Federation of Australia (NSW) Branch On the 16th November, 2012 I received a coveted award from the Civil Contractors Federation of Australia (NSW) Branch.  The “President’s Award” was presented in recognition of Jones Partners’ commitment to educating and consulting with the Civil Contractors Federation and the industry in general.  Business recovery specialists, Jones Partners understand the trauma business owners suffer in the face of financial adversity. The award also signifies Jones Partners’ dedication to serving businesses facing difficulties due t

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